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hrough records and conduct analysis. we're going-to-try to look at internals to get an internal nal sis of the hull. >> ntsb will work with the coast with guard to come up with a report that could take months. the bar pilot who was at the helm at that time passed an alcohol test. but the results of a drug test are pending. the oil tanker empty at the time struck a tower on the bay bridge protected by a system and the structure was not damaged. coast guard says fog doesn't seem to have been a factor. the tanker will remain on hold in the nl the investigation is concluded. >> next step may to the bay to get it further evaluated or repaired. >> the crew will remain on board that ship. now no oil leaked out of the
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tanker, it's worth mentioning the coast guard classified this as a major marine casualty. as you said damage has exceeded $500,000. i'm live on treasure island abc 7 news. >> and now i team has been digging into the record and our dan noyes got a angry reaction at the bar pilot office today. >> it's part of the job i'm used to heated reactions to investigations. but i never expect simple questions to get physical. >> well we went to the bar pilot office to ask questions one of the bar pilots came out with out prodding from me began to yell some profanities at me began to push me. i had to call the police. at this point he continued to push me, while i was on the
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phone with police. and so i will have that package at some point later in the broadcast. >> hang with us we'll try to get to that shortly. >> moving on here this mishap is a clear reminder of the danger of navigating huge ships under bridge buzz thankfully not disastrous like the cosco busson spill in 2007. we're live with more on the risks out there on the water. >> after cosco busson idea of a tanker hitting the bay bridge wasn't supposed to happen again. there were policies to prevent it. what they call nine critical maneuvering areas ships could not operate in heavy conditions like fog. well... hard to imagine but the section of the bay bridge that was hit yesterday is not included in those areas. yesterday, a ship, a boat environmental clean up crews
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in route ready to containt mess on a moment's notice. >> this took 23 minute ootz fact oil did not spill is now overshadowed by technical complex thaiz allowed this to happenj$:yy m jñ think there is a lack of:'4%f clarity when there needs to be more clarity it may have been an understatement from the executive director of the environmental watch dog grurngs bay keeper. over a map she explained how after cosco bus yorngs coast guard adopted nine areas which could be dangerous with visibility dropping to less than half a mile shismtz add advised to not leave port. but those nine areas do not include the portion of the bay bridge why wr yesterday's incident took place. today, the coast guard admitted it does not know why. >> we do not know. this will be more investigated after the incident. >> i'll just say it would seem logical it would be included.
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>> the overseas raymar departed from an anchorage in the bay not listed among critical maneuvering areas.penc0@3 we do notmzjox know conditions there whit left. after cosco busson unthinkable almost happened again. >> i don't know if the decision was made not to be more inclusive and that would it have affected whether this accidentp91l happened yesterday but extra caution was already called for. just from common sense perspective. >> part of the puzzle was those conditions question is was there fog from the anchorage? the nine critical areas that they're talking about would not exist if not for a group called harbor safety committee that recommended areas to the coast guard as it turns out harbor safety committee is going to have it's regular meeting on thursday and it
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should be interesting. >> yes. it should be. wayne thank you. the man acting as a spokesman for td construction project spent final days with caltrans today he has been servings a consultant for 15 years and works for a company whose $10 kblinl contract with caltrans was cancelled by governor brown last month. the contract included plans for a book and a du.ry but the gyx/,p!3u1h]
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and a handful of supporters refused to move out of the way. five were arrested between last night and this morning including this woman who tried to block a bulldozer. >> this base has been beautiful. full of life, and love its been operating on a slice of golden gate park. and for several years the city has been trying to give it the boot saying it doesn't fit in with the park. some residents of the surrounding neighbors complained. >> it became an active industrial use with lots of neighborhood noise and disruptions. and less service to the neighborhoods. >> but martha hockman living
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two block as way is distraught about the closure. >> this is terrible. it's just outrageous. >> why do you say that? >> i've been part of the center for about 15 years. and it's been a really positive neighborhood positive. >> the city plans to turn it into kploount community gardens. hank supporters find that ion ronic since they put in a plant nursery. after spending thousands in a legal fight the city is ready to move on. >> people starting to enjoy it as a community garden if we can create a spairks we'll be happy. >> and by the way hank's los had been up about 10 years. the executive director of the former recycling center says he believes some supporters will now try to take part in the city's community gardens. the first phase of the project should come in early spring.
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in san francisco abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> still to come here tonight on abc 7 news oakland leaders proposed a controversial policy helped where in new york it's been ruled unconstitutional. >> we have a cold winter weather pattern headed our way. i'll show you the timing of the arrival in just a moment. >> and later a community takes a gamble on a new casino under construction. reaching a new milestone tonight. >> michael finney with property tax advice on how to avoid paying more[
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where he believe we have the piece on bar pilot. >> yes. dan noyes went looking for answers today and had questions. >> i had0[%c that strange confrontation of the bar pilot's office while finding out new information about that bar pilot these are tense times at san francisco bar pilot office. just after i arrived at pier 9 to ask questions bar pilot though not involve ntd accident began cursing at me and then... >> are you push meeg? >> no.. >> i call td cop autos let's go. >> while i called police he hit me again. >> i'm at pier 9. at -- . >> he just push immediate again. >> the head of the bar pilots refused to talk about this or important issue what mistakes led to overseas raymar hitting the bridge yesterday. the staff told me he was busy with pilot attorneys ii team dug further into the bar pilot
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guiding the tanker we found three incidents. august 2009 he ground a bulk carrier two days later unable to stop another ship and damaged a cat walk n may 2010 grounded a tug boat at richmond inner harbor. the board told us he received additional training as a result. >> he dido(2.z agree to riding to and from sacramento with a more experienced pilot for four trips. twoot night two during the day n sacramento ship was a draft deeper than 26 feet. >> in san francisco, one in wyoming what appears to be a current address in maryland. bar pilots work one week on and off and known to trade shifts so they can have more time off. this video provide by san francisco bar pilots.
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>> i see that captain clees has a home in maryland. i wonder whether he had just flown in from home before getting on the ship? >> i have no idea. it's an ongoing investigation. those are detail that's will probably come out. >> michael jacob represents the shipping industry filing suit to get information about the ships and whether they may be fatigued. >> is it a fair question to ask was he on a red eye? >> absolutely well. don't know when he got on the ship. or when he got off the ship. >> in september a judge ruled in favor of the shippers getting that information but bar pilot filed an appeal. shippers say it's all about transparency. >> we'll be following this one. >> thank you. >> one of oakland's newest city councilzfzj÷ members wasted no time proposing a tactic called stop and frisk. he says he wants police to
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have tools to stop crime rate in the city. live with reaction to this proposal. >> well dan stop and risk has had a share of controversy mainly because it's difficult to draw the line between what is constitutional and what is unconstitutional. in real practice here on the streets. city council member was sworn into office yesterday. he wasted no time announcing that he supports police strategies which include stop and friction in a city in which more than 500 people were shot last year.sç >> reality is that i am trying to save lives. i don't want to make excuses. >> just today a judge ruled that the nypd practice of stopping people suspected of trespassing outside of building with a landlord permission is unconstitutional.
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>> police can't assume everybody is a trespasser. just as they can't assume everyone standing on a street corner in downtown oakland must be up to no good and stop them. >> it's been controversial. last year, san francisco mayor suggested looking ate as a means of guesting guns off the streets angry democrat stlaitors rallied outside city hall. police do have authorities to stop and frisk someone if they have real suspicions that the person is breaking the law or if he's armed and dang ru.s arguing officers take it further. >> they involve stopping people on the streets for no other than than the policeman maybed has a hunch or because of age race or demographic. it's wrong. >> stop and frisk was an important component. a former police commissioner succeeded in reducing crime in
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1990s. drug-related murders plummeted by 90%. law professor author aid book on successful crime pree reduction program saying it included aggressive policing. >> number of officiy recorded stop and risk -- frisk events in new york city in one year is 700,000. these are almost all male. they are almost all young men of color. >> well stop and frisk appears to be effective when used correctly. now the professor says it's a tool one tool in this arsenal of tools and problem is that it's hard to determine how effective sit when ice yol yaiting it. >> a significant utility problem forced cancellation of some surgeries more than four
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hours in a nopt oakland today. that tells abc 7 news water restored in oakland. staff fully restored operations a code dry declared because of a utility failure. >> weird. let's talk about the weather. >> it is. >> on the way. cold front just a few showers big deal is the cold air. mainly clear skies still looking westward back1dwy over the bay. i can give you a different view of the clouds increasing in the sky. looking at live doppler 7 óg hd shows most clouds off shore you canyl0fñee an increase into the south bay now.
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north bay getting clouds as well. rmg3 we have mid to upper 40s inland locations like napa and fairfield. and these forecast features we'll see patchy fog tonight. afternoon showers voling tomorrow. and then, turning colder thursday and friday. lows8á$ into upper 30s. morgan hill and little patches of fog inland valleys but we'll be fog free generally much of the bay area. satellite image shows high pressure building on one more day. a cold front moving into our direction. a big cold air mass going to bring temperatures. we'll see light scattered showers. big change is that it will be turning colder. at 5:00 in the morning rush hour should be rain free. there will be increase in clouds patchy fog. during mid day hours rain
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arriving into north bay first. showers that s the front sweeps through by 5:00 p.m. it's starting evening rush we'll see wet spots with some scattered showers a front clears into thursday pockets of moisture moving through.gj not much in the way of showers. by late in the day thursday showers should be over. by late thursday may see rainfall totals as high as 15/100ths in locations from these light showers. into seera, afternoon snow showers in lake tahoe area. snow flurries thursday, then sunny, cold friday with a morning low of 9. that is nine degrees back to the bay area highs tomorrow under mixed sky conditions with a chance of showers. mainly mid-50s. similar temperatures near
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monterey bay. let's talk about playoff football saturday. 49ers take on green bay packers. 49 degrees for 49ers. will be chilly during game. starting at 49 degrees by 5:00 p.m. dropping to mid-40s by 8:00 p.m. should be a good game but chilly. bundle up if you're going. here is the accu-weather forecast. after a slight chance of showers, cold weather thursday and friday. milder weather over the weekend z into next week. >> sum it up. >> thank you very much. >> coming up next a new plan for protecting yosemite from the people who visit there. >> a racing
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national park officials have come up with a plan to protect the merced river that runs through yosemite limit the number of daily visitors to just under 20,000 and also banning commercial rafting on the river. and limitaq+v the number of places you can use your own raft. parking would be increased by
6:24 pm
bike rentals banned and the curry5'cz village ice rink eliminated. officials have been under court order to find ways to protect the river from erosion and banks from being trampled. >> students may be filling in fewer bubbles and doing more writing on achievement tests they take in the few fewer. the school superintendent unveiled a 12-point plan to rewrite the tests students take in the spring emfa sizing critical thinking and problem solving skills calling for more extenseive answer than questions now used. he says the tests will quote measure real world skills. a career and for college. his proposals must be approved by the legislation tour but first new tests would be administered two years from now. >> a grand theft and insurance fraud conviction sending a south san francisco auto body shop owner to jail. he will spent six months in
6:25 pm
jail for defrauding a driver who took her cars in for repairs after it crashed. saying this white bmw may look as good as new but hide be under the hood are repairs so bad the car is considered a safety hazard. they say he charged $23,000 and patched up the frame with bondo. >> frame was not straight. there was a lot of parts that were still bent on the vehicle. basically this car sun safe to drive. >> now keep this in mind. anyone who worked on a vehicle and had repairs inspected free by the bureau of automotive repair. we have a link on abc 7 under see it on tv if you'd like to try it. >> still coming up at 6:00 ae new chapter in the fight over california prison reforms. the governor says the job is done: critics beg to differ. >> a construction milestone tonight for a north bay casino that is betting it can overcome community opposition.
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abc 7 news
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governor jerry brown says change is on the way. the governor announced before the state met requirements to eliminate overcrowded. brown filed a request asking the courts to end their oversight and lift a cap on prison populations. >> there is no question that there were big problems in california prisons. overcrowding lack of health care lack of mental health care and lots of other problems but after decades of work the job is now complete. >> but lawyers say they will fight the governor's request they'reu;uv argue not enough has been done to reform mental health care. >> care remains terrible. there are prisoners dying and committing suicide at alarming rates and independent nal sis shows that those deaths could have been prevented with adequate care. >> the panel found prisons
6:30 pm
were so overcrowded they violated constitutional rights. officials say the population has not been this low since 1995. >> by the way governor announced today he has completed his treatment for prostate cancer and has been getting injections for several weeks but now says he's raring to go. >> a suspected copper crook has been captured in san francisco. police say the 55-year-old stole copper wiring from a pg&e power volt on folsom street. officers say they spotted him running from the scene after a struggle police arrested him and captured a second guy later. new details tonight on the death of a petaluma teenager who disappeared in lake tahoe last week. the 19-year-old went missing after a new year's eve festival. the body nound a snow bank. she'd apparently set out to walk back to her hotel about five miles away in the dark. the sheriff's department tells the santa rosa press democrat
6:31 pm
alisa may have become disoriented and appears to have been taken off her ski jacket. a public memorial scheduled for 10:00 a.m. saturday at casa grande high school. >> a major milestone in the construction of a controversial north bay casino resort. abc 7 news was there as workers lifted final steel beams into place. for moments the sounds of churning concrete mixers came to a halt. workers ducked under yellow tape. to gather to, celebrate. >> this is topping out signifying important milw.h/e in construction for this project. >> it's construction lingo for lifting a final steel beam into place often with a small tree, and almost always met with applause. but cheers will be replaced with another sound... the
6:32 pm
noise of 3,000 slot machines to become an indian casino. >> we stand in the front of what will be the future front door. >> they run ka seen dwleez cater to locals and say this is no exception. >> locals in las3pñ vegas is what they've come to expect and demand. we'll build something not as good with you but better than that here. >> the resort will create about 2,000 permanent job autos it will be the local people that constitute our core work force. i know that that is aa& in tough times to the people looking for work. >> workers say structure has gone up with astonishing speed but to get here required years of controversy. concerns over water supply and traffic topped the list for opponents who are suing td
6:33 pm
coalition wasn't available but released a statement saying it's pending and they believe they can keep the doors from opening. >> google established it's first urban wi-fi network to a 10 block area to a newlv+ york city neighborhood. google proed vids wi-fi in mountain view. samsung is on a role and says it expects record profits and may become the world's top home appliance maker. aig the insure yangs company may now join a lawsuit against the koflt. the company is adder tiesing it's paid back money with, interest, the lawsuit)i) claims
6:34 pm
shareholders got cheated and chevolet adopted a new slogan ditching the tag line chevy runs deep and replacing witness find new roads. >> bay area residents paying more tafls than they should. >> yes. next michael finney explains why it's1111111gonna have to ask you
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pass parcel
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>> however, in order to sweetness they said all right. for those individuals that are over 65 or and or low income we'll put in an exemption. >> problem is that those eligible must apply for them. in the grand jury found information about these extensions isn't easy to find. that can be costly. >> that one instance, we attempt to tax bill is over 1300s ndz taxes that were on the bill that were, there were exemptions for. >> we talked to seniors in marin ymca. >> people don't look in detail. they're pulting their parcel tax. >> if they're not informing us how can we find out? >> grand under found information isn't easy to get. >> we made calls like that. and were given incorrect information.
6:39 pm
>> grand jury recommended they post on the web site. marin county department of finance says it's just the tax collector. responsibility for informing people is with each of the 1553 special taxing districts. none theless the department of finance suspects to have the list on its web site next month. >> that would be great if i'm eligible f i can find out, it would be very g excellent. >> we have the granted jury report about tax exemptions. go to abc 7 and click on 7 on your side. >> just ahead cooking for a cause. >> coming up teenagers working in the kitchen to help
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san jose may tryout more park lifts to help boost outdoor dining seen. -- scene, there are a few already in san jose. however city can't afford to pay for more. the city council is now considering a plan to allow wiss to pay for the parklets themselves. some businesses are eager to try it.
6:43 pm
others say it just is not cost effective. >> weather not going to be great every day. and we would have to buy tables and other things to have these outside seatings. >> we don't need just sunlight to make a patio successful. we have heat lampes and lighting and anticipate this will bring out our sales significantly. >> tonight the city council is expected to approve a pilot program that would allow five businesses to move forward with park lift plans. >> here is a sobering fact sonoma county there are 3,000 new cancer diagnosis every year meaning 3,000 people and families are struggling with l th impact of treatments and life complications. tonight wayne freedman tells us about a nonprofit group making that healing process easier. >> this daily tasks we take for granted. making a meal. try it when recovering from
6:44 pm
leukemia treatment autos i could lay in bed. not eat. >> it was a staggering change from the life darlene used to have. an illness just came on one day. >> just tired. went home had+z went to the hospital. and... >> based on the diagnosis she should be gone by now. she says she's outlived it. thanks in part to the mostly high school kids who volunteer to work in this kitchen. >> nothing to do with college. it's just fun for me. >> reb yaek why -- rebecca will swim on scholarship for university of texas next year her work at this nonprofit taught her how to cook and taught kids how lucky they are to be healthy. >> the purpose is to empower teenagers to learn about the connection between food and health. and for them to connect with their communities. >> do you have everything you need? >> a combination of chef teacher. >> can you grab those? you'll have better leverage. >> everyone of the meals will
6:45 pm
be for critically ill people like darlene, and for their families. >> i spend six eight hours getting a treatment and come home it will be exhausted and hungry going you know what are you going to eat? >> it's a complicated menu for teenagers. this f.they lose track it's here. chicken legs and sea bass. all of that for 65 people. and this is a bargain. >> it's great. >> they provide food tailored to individual patient needs. >> more than just them showing up on a thursday night with food. you know? it's interesting interest from start to finish. >> so when you hear about people on the take, hkéim is something good to take away. kids thinking beyond them self that's they've helped to extend a life. >> i am alive because we eat
6:46 pm
well like this. yes. >> what a remarkable program. >> it's great. >> talking about the cold. >> spencer back with that. >> it's on the way. we're seeing clouds showing up. high clouds on live doppler 7. skies not completely cloudy yet we'll see clouds north and sunny mild down south with highs into the 70s. talking about weather closer to home in the bay area after thickening=h we'll see rain developing into afternoon hours in the north bay8lñ sweeping south ward and eastward. highs into mid 50s and dropping sharply after the rainfall passes. here is the accu-weather forecast. thursday and friday high temperatures barely reaching above 50 degrees.
6:47 pm
and friday morning very cold. shower activity going hold on for a couple days. temperatures3 the weekend. highs back into mid-50s and a bit chilly for 49ers and packers game. saturday evening and night. temperatures in the 40s. >> will be chilly but victorious. >> yes that. is our plan. >> that is our hope. >> thank you. spencer. >> ora cell getting its wing back getting a wing sale today to replace the one damaged in october. when ac catta marchan cap sized. the crew will be busy assembling the sail hoping to have a yacht back by february. damaged sail not the only thing keeping the team out of the water. the crew is barred from practicing five days for spying on the team. that is a no no. >> speaking of the 49ers they're gearing up they are. >> aaron rothers versus:gñ collin
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good evening, when it come tooz nfl playoffs quarterbacks are the key. for the most part guys like tom brady and peyton manning rule. where does that leave 49ers? collin caperik is a rookie whit comes to playoffs. stepping up on the run. >> kl kolin kapernik facing aaron rogers saturday. only his 8th nfl start. >> rogers is a great quarterback. you can see what he does on the field. you see performances he's been having. you can't say enough about the guy. we're going to have to work. >> offensive coordinate jor not worried about his quarterback. >> for collin it's another game. the way he handles it day-to-day has been very
6:52 pm
mature. and i don't think you're going to see any bright you know big eye autos he has shown amaze image tour ti for a man with few starts. >> i've been playing football so long. i mean, i think i've said before this is my 17th year of football. so football is football once you're on the field. >> but rogers is a huge concern. >> he's awful tough to defend. and reminds me of steve young. >> packers haven't faced him. he will be the x factor in this match up. >> 49ers beat the packers at lambeau field 30-22. niners three-point favorite heading into saturday night game at the stick. it's just nine with the coach
6:53 pm
mike mccarthy. >> they like and respond better when disrespected. we weren't successful if the first week i'm not thinking it needs more energy. but personally no. keep your eye on the target. and make you're you're focused on the things that follow with successful football. >> he's on the roster and blot yes, pulled over in alabama for having too much tint on the car windows then lied about his identity giving police a fake name. maclaine posted a thousand dollars bail released and had a previous run in after a fight in 2011. suspended two two games this season for conduct detrimental to the team. warriors had a few days off since worse losses of the
6:54 pm
season saturday night in l.a.. and warriors come aring off of a shellacking by the clippers tomorrow night golden state against grizzlies in the 10 extending by j-óp8 a half game. >> you know playoffs and it can be a great cut. >> what you saw in the front line is surrounded with veterans. it's been a very good team. impressed. >> this abc 7 sports report brought to you and first 10000 fans will get a seth curry bobbelhead. this is cute.
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>> you get the good stuff[oq+ñ. >> first 10000. >> that is a good likeness too. >> yes. yes. >> exactly. >> i wish. >> tonight at 9:00 that is cable channel 13 friend or foe? latest tool a fork that keeps you from eating theen at 11:00 a promise to help you keep off pounds but there may be more to the drinks than you thought. join us for than that on abc 7 news at 11:00. >> and our new late light line up goes into affect. and then jimmy kimmel live followed by night line. >> first guests include bruno mars. should be a fantastic show. >> it is. >> that is our report.
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>> from all of us here thanks for joining us. >> we appreciate your time. we'll see you at
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